Stories and Poetry By Tyler Golec

  • Writing Prompt Response 2/6/2023, Tyler Golec

    Writing Prompt Response 2/6/2023, Tyler Golec

    Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore? I feel too old for rushing, to the next great adventure. I’ve had a few and now the next one, that one needs to be more serious. I’m tired in a way, not physically, but mentally, from returning to the same spot. Progress is made,…

  • Free Write 2/6/2023

    Free Write 2/6/2023

    My first thought was anger. My second thought was pride. I guess there was a third, a burning wrath, built up from all those failures.

  • Poetry On A Phone

    Poetry On A Phone

    It is my poetry Dark rooms, a glowing phone

  • Don’t Hunt the Hunter

    Don’t Hunt the Hunter

    I drank from the bottle of beer and blood. More alleyways, no more gentlemen. The streets were now only home to the cold.

  • Fear


    You are the enemy, at your own gate

  • Taitung – Da Fang Tea House

    Taitung – Da Fang Tea House

    About a week ago I returned from my trip from Taitung in south eastern Taiwan. It’s a 3 hour train ride from my home in Jiaoxi and 4 hours from Taipei. The reason for this trip was that I was invited to visit Da Feng Tea House. There I was kindly shown around both their…

  • Chuang Tea House, Yilan Taiwan

    Chuang Tea House, Yilan Taiwan

    The first was a honey black tea, that was sweet because of the natural flavor of the leaves, with nothing being added. The second was a raw puer tea. This tea was a green tea and my personal favorite.

  • To Ask a Wanderer

    To Ask a Wanderer

    A poem by Tyler Golec What are you looking for? Do you Know? Are you just seeking because you must? A sensation, a trigger, like a magnetic force But always, to be drawn far from home. To wander means many things And many things will be found and felt tasted, drank, read, spoken and learned.…

  • An Early Summer School Adventure: Singapore

    An Early Summer School Adventure: Singapore

    Just about a week ago I arrived back from a school trip to Singapore. It was a bit longer of a stay than some of my past trips but one that came with the vast responsibility of taking care of the students along for the ride. Perhaps I wasn’t able to do quite everything I…

  • Huashan 1914 Creative Park Taipei, A Travel Guide

    Huashan 1914 Creative Park Taipei, A Travel Guide

    It fell into ruin over the decades before the city of Taipei decided it wished to tear the whole thing down. Artists of Taipei petitioned the city to preserve the district, to restore the buildings. They succeeded and today Huashan is a bustling tourist destination filled with people nearly every weekend.

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