Writing Prompt Response 2/6/2023, Tyler Golec

Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?

I feel too old for rushing, to the next great adventure. I’ve had a few and now the next one, that one needs to be more serious. I’m tired in a way, not physically, but mentally, from returning to the same spot. Progress is made, but then I’m just back to where I was. I’m too old for doing that again.

I’m too old for chasing a lifestyle. I would rather pursue a life. I’m too old for impatience too. It is easy to work when you care about it. I’m too old for doing work elicits nothing but dread. I’m probably too old for a few other things too, but I’m definitely too old for that.

by Tyler Golec

The Old City, Taipei
Photo by Tyler Golec





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