Descent Into The Mist
Photo by Joe Beck on Unsplash

Fear, it is all around us

Perpetual and overwhelming

To most, perhaps, eventually, to all

But fear, is just an instinct, persevere

Listen now, you can hear it, succumb to it

If you wish

It is animal, natural

Or, you can learn

I fear as we all fear, but maybe

I have seen more, been through more

As I don’t fear the reaper

We have met before, for a moment, perhaps more

I do not fear the reaper, why would I

The touch is gentle, the touch is kind

But I am only, occasionally, foolish

And I, at least for now, wish to live

Fear of Drowning
Photo by Stormseeker on Unsplash

But I see others, and in them, all I see is fear

Fearing, fearing, fearing, the passing of their light

Remember, remember, we all end in night

Fear, is an instinct towards caution, not horror

But I see it overwhelm, consume, destroy

Fear, leads to hate, to anger, to your

Loss of what makes you human

To the self-imposed cage, consuming

I fear, as I am human, but not death

I fear this cage, of lonely dark nights, alone

As they always are with me

I fear the prison, self-imposed, no release

I see others, building walls, fortresses, in fear

Why, why, why do you let fear, become hate

I do not wish to harm you, why do you harm me

Others, with your fear, with your anger, with your hate

Fear is an instinct meant to lead to caution

Fight, or flight, but when you fight your neighbor

And fly from gracious allies

You are the enemy, at your own gate

By, Tyler W. Golec



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