You are the enemy, at your own gate … More Fear

To Ask a Wanderer

What are you looking for? Do you know? Are you just seeking because you must? A sensation, a trigger, like a magnetic force But always to be drawn far from home. To wander means many things And many things will be found and felt Tasted, drank, read, spoken and learned. And what have you learned? … More To Ask a Wanderer

Huashan 1914 Creative Park Taipei, A Travel Guide

           Once a Japanese winery where sake was produced, it was then briefly run by a Taiwanese company when ROC took control of the island in 1946, but that wasn’t meant to last. It fell into ruin over the decades before the city of Taipei decided it wished to tear the whole thing down. Artists … More Huashan 1914 Creative Park Taipei, A Travel Guide

Chapter 8: Summer

            That summer Gemaeve and I served our apprenticeship under Speaker La’Turge. Our assignments wore more rigorous than technical. We would spend long hours in the depths of the library hunting rare words of the Quatane. Words almost no one knew, and for good reason. Most of them, you could do without ever knowing and … More Chapter 8: Summer