Huashan Park, Taiwan

Huashan 1914 Creative Park Taipei, A Travel Guide


           Once a Japanese winery where sake was produced, it was then briefly run by a Taiwanese company when ROC took control of the island in 1946, but that wasn’t meant to last. It fell into ruin over the decades before the city of Taipei decided it wished to tear the whole thing down. Artists of Taipei petitioned the city to preserve the district, to restore the buildings. They succeeded and today Huashan is a bustling tourist destination filled with people nearly every weekend. Even during the week, its many shops, restaurants, theater, and art displays open to visitors who are certain to wander in.


If you are visiting Taipei, and the weather is fine, take an afternoon and wander through this restored old district of Taipei. There are only a few places like this left in Taipei that aren’t either still in disrepair or completely torn down in favor of modern structures as Taipei continues its path of progress.


It is not a large place, so it won’t take you long to see it in its entirety. Bringing a camera is recommended as there are many beautiful scenes and hidden treasures around its many corners. You will wish to capture all of them. You can even find several cafes to enjoy your favored caffeine in or you could take it out to the grass park on the north side of Huashan before Civic Blvd.


            If you are looking for a meal, there or plenty of restaurants in Huashan itself, however they fall victim to the over pricing that happens at many places like this. If you just take a quick walk across Xinsheng Blvd, to the east of the park, you will find many restaurants tucked in behind Zhongxiao Elementary school. They are a much better value and there are far more options to choose from.


            Enjoy your time in Taipei and I hope you check out Huashan Creative park! And, remember to treat the place with respect! If you have questions, you can email me at You can also find me on Instagram with even more photos of my travels at @TylerGolec.


Tyler W. Golec



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