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  • To Ask a Wanderer

    To Ask a Wanderer

    A poem by Tyler Golec What are you looking for? Do you Know? Are you just seeking because you must? A sensation, a trigger, like a magnetic force But always, to be drawn far from home. To wander means many things And many things will be found and felt tasted, drank, read, spoken and learned. […]

  • Huashan 1914 Creative Park Taipei, A Travel Guide

    Huashan 1914 Creative Park Taipei, A Travel Guide

    It fell into ruin over the decades before the city of Taipei decided it wished to tear the whole thing down. Artists of Taipei petitioned the city to preserve the district, to restore the buildings. They succeeded and today Huashan is a bustling tourist destination filled with people nearly every weekend.

  • Balle Balle Indian Restaurant, Taipei

    Balle Balle Indian Restaurant, Taipei

    Introducing himself to me as Mr. GV, the founder and manager of Balle Balle Indian Restaurant in Taipei was incredibly hospitable when I visited his restaurant this past Saturday, October 20th. Before sitting down to talk with me he could be seen going from table to table to chat with the patrons to help them […]

  • Taipei Travel Guide

    Taipei Travel Guide

    Taipei Travel Guide For that 20, and 30 something traveler So, you have a week vacation and want to go to Asia. Now this isn’t going to be a cheap trip, but you already know this and have probably looked at airfare. The choice becomes where to go. Japan probably jumps to the top of […]

  • What a Long Strange Trip II: Shock

    What a Long Strange Trip II: Shock

                Looking back at the events below with four years of hindsight is interesting to say the least. It was great deal of fun, but I’m not necessarily proud of everything I did. However, honesty has its virtues, and this is my honest account of my first experience with culture […]

  • West Taipei, Insight of a Passer By

    West Taipei, Insight of a Passer By

    街拍 【致我親愛的西方讀者】美國人泰瑞:你聽過台灣嗎?你認識台北嗎? 2018-08-30 撰文 Tyler W. Golec 攝影 李尚謙 中譯 胡芷嫣 嚮導 西城編輯群・Chun Lu・陳鈺鈞 我們再也沒有為了重諾守信而葬身大水的風險了。然而現在,正是現在,這些遙遠的神祇,或許比任何時候都要來得親密地,守護著那些仍舊祭拜祂們的人們——那些至今還沒有忘卻祂們的台灣百姓們。或許會有更多台灣人,睜開眼看見就在十分鐘捷運之外的台北老城歷史。又或許我只是比較幸運,能透過一些仍然在乎的發熱眼神,看見老派台灣的風景。也或許,我們只是在一切都灰飛堙滅以前,親眼見證時光殘存的少數人。 There’s no risk of drowning here from flood water anymore. There is no need to take your own life, so you and your brother can patrol the streets as gods. Now perhaps these gods, more personal than ever, offering their eternal protection to those who will […]

  • To Write About a Sunset

    To Write About a Sunset

    Tyler Golec   “You should write about this,” Josh said looking at the sunset over Taipei. A bright blur sinking into the derelict and aluminum roof tops. “The sunset?” I asked. “I think I will, in some way.” “Yeah man,” Josh said with his camera out. He had put down his beer for a moment […]

  • A Park Down an Alley

    A Park Down an Alley

    Tyler Golec A Park Down an Alley It rains too much here Though sometimes it’s beautiful Like now, Under a sea green-blue canopy Pitter patter and an elderly dog Deciding where to shit.   It rains too much here My feet are soaked But they’ve been soaked And I really don’t mind anymore I’m living […]