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  • The Roads Remain the Same

    The Roads Remain the Same

    A poem by Tyler Golec Where we are matters some Who we are with matters more Until the facade has faded Then you are on a road once more – All roads are the same The places change The people change The road remains the same. – Some know, but some are lost. But we…

  • Free Write 2/25/2023: A Saturday

    Free Write 2/25/2023: A Saturday

    I planned for so much to happen today, this specific Saturday in late February. I would write and I would write and I would write. I guess I am semi-succeeding. Just not in the big plans type of way.

  • Wednesday =(

    Wednesday =(

    Wednesday isn’t a great day Yesterday was worse, but  Wednesday is false hope Do you think you can have a nice morning Productive and relaxing? yesterday was a bad day Wednesday is supposed to be a little bit better

  • Free Write 2/20/2023: Influence 

    Free Write 2/20/2023: Influence 

    In terms of art and entertainment, I think back to first reading Harry Potter with my mom, to reading them as fast as could on my own. I remember watching Lord of the Rings and immediately devouring the books. I read dozens of Animorph novels and most of the Redwall series. 

  • Chasing the Sun

    Chasing the Sun

    There are things in this life worth chasing Hope, a distant sunset, ever fading Only the chase keeps it alive How fast must you be To fight against the light’s fading How much heart you must have To chase what is leaving, never had

  • Those Faces

    Those Faces

    Beautiful faces hoping To catch the warmth of a yawning spring Forever youthful, glowing These faces have dreams to sing

  • A Bird Cries

    A Bird Cries

    It grows silent as the Earth inhales Tentative, reminding of how How quickly something can become nothing

  • Free Write, 2/11/2023: Thoughts on a Novel

    Free Write, 2/11/2023: Thoughts on a Novel

    I have been drunk in bizarre places, not getting the language, and solving the problem with a bottle of wine. Or, was it rum? Perhaps a long island iced tea served at hooka lounge somewhere in Taipei.

  • Free Write 2/9/2023: Black Coffee and Sci-Fi

    Free Write 2/9/2023: Black Coffee and Sci-Fi

    Black coffee and sci-fi, that’s the plan for the day.

  • Temporaries


    Are you a temporary? How fantastic, that makes two Our time is short, and sometimes that’s scary But just remember, It’s short for others too