Clear Glass Black Coffee

Free Write 2/9/2023: Black Coffee and Sci-Fi

A free write by Tyler Golec

Black coffee and sci-fi, that’s the plan for the day. Found an unfinished, three-part sci-fi story I had started writing years ago. I had two of the three parts done. I never finished the third part. Strange, I wonder why I never finished that. Life is strange and too often busy. There are more than a few things I never finished.

My youth, I guess I should say my teens and 20s, was for dreaming. I dreamed a thousand dreams and started writing some down. I guess I was too distractable. Too many ideas. Not enough ability to do anything with it. So, I guess that’s how my collection of unfinished work began. I thought I finished some pieces, but they weren’t. They needed more.

I don’t think I was ready to be a writer yet. I don’t think I knew enough about living. I think it is a good time to start finishing things now. So, here I am with black some black coffee and sci-fi. I wonder what I’ll write today.

Photo by Maksim Istomin on Unsplash





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