Hopeful Horizons

Chasing the Sun

A poem by Tyler Golec

There are things in this life worth chasing

Hope, a distant sunset, ever fading

Only the chase keeps it alive

How fast must you be

To fight against the light’s fading

How much heart you must have

To chase what is leaving, never had

But maybe

If you are fleet enough afoot

And if you stumble but stand

And are always ready to stumble again

If you are determined enough

To fill every hour with intention

Even if that intention is to rest

Then maybe, just then the sun

For a moment, would slow its fading

But, always and forever

Even those of fastest flight

Will reach the ending of the light

But those last glimpses of sun setting

A look back over miles run

When it is all over,

You of such endurance

Though your endeavors done

You can say you lived your life living

You were alive, chasing the sun

The photo was taken at the dam of the Kakhovka Reservoir, after about 8 pm.
Photo by Ann Savchenko on Unsplash





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