Tag: Spirit

  • Chasing the Sun

    Chasing the Sun

    There are things in this life worth chasing Hope, a distant sunset, ever fading Only the chase keeps it alive How fast must you be To fight against the light’s fading How much heart you must have To chase what is leaving, never had

  • Those Faces

    Those Faces

    Beautiful faces hoping To catch the warmth of a yawning spring Forever youthful, glowing These faces have dreams to sing

  • A Bird Cries

    A Bird Cries

    It grows silent as the Earth inhales Tentative, reminding of how How quickly something can become nothing

  • Poetry On A Phone

    Poetry On A Phone

    It is my poetry Dark rooms, a glowing phone

  • Between Heaven and Earth

    Between Heaven and Earth

    A poem by Tyler Golec There is a place between Heaven and Earth Where man was not born to be On the wings of artificial Angels We have learned to be free I can feel divinity here, on mountain tops Cresting above clouds, the sun light seen, Rivers cutting, wide, long, vast, organic Fields of…

  • I Mourn the Living

    I Mourn the Living

    A poem by Tyler Golec Life hurts People don’t want to hear it when I tell them, But death doesn’t hurt at all Anxiety, fear, pain, These are feelings for the living When I bled out, heart stopped, I felt nothing I was aware of how nothing feels Do not mourn the dead They now…

  • The Lost

    The Lost

    Open window leading to starry eyed ends Dreams of need but never resting I have seen the best of us Staring out screen less expanse Asking why should I walk away Why should I try again   Generations of youths ruined Following the path following the rules Great expanses of nothingness opening before them Wandering…

  • A Fall Sunday, 2016

    A Fall Sunday, 2016

    Google maps says the bus should have been here at 1:26. It was 1:29 at that point. The bus may have been early, but I had been at the stop for five minutes. More likely, it was late. Seattle in the early fall wasn’t a bad place to wait. It wasn’t raining today, and I…

  • A Long Strange Trip: Welcome to Taiwan

    A Long Strange Trip: Welcome to Taiwan

    Tyler Golec, “It has been a long strange trip,” said Chris when my part was all done. It all began though in July 2014.   “America made me rich!” The Taiwanese-Japanese said again. “What did you do?” I asked, accepting another beer. “I was a bartender,” he said. “I sold beer at a store before…

  • Princesses of Muerning, part 2

    Princesses of Muerning, part 2

    Chapter 4:   Maureen found her teacher in the kitchen preparing Tea. “Good morning,” He greeted her. “Morning,” She said. “Thank you.” She accepted a mug of tea. “I hope I didn’t burn you in the dream.” “No, I cannot be harmed there,” He said with a smile. “However,” He laughed. “Be gentle with me…