The Lost


Open window leading to starry eyed ends

Dreams of need but never resting

I have seen the best of us

Staring out screen less expanse

Asking why should I walk away

Why should I try again


Generations of youths ruined

Following the path

following the rules

Great expanses of nothingness opening before them

Wandering starry eyed wanting Jazz

But hearing not


Young men gunned down because their skin was too dark

Young women groped, raped, left for not

When yelling me too at Hollywood billboards smiling back

Empty but applauding

I have held the hands of angels

Fucked demons on their stakes

Both calling out the same

Tasting smelling the same

Because they are


I have felt sympathy for Lucifer

Sorrowful morning star

Who only wished to do better

Leading us through mildew streets

His wings long since in tatters

It was he who gave freedom

From the one who punished

For millennia after millennia after millennia

The two who trusted a snake


Venom laced asphalt

A generation lost in an a den of haze

Godly backed dealers

Or is it the government

Capitalism out ran us

And the lazy socialist pamphlets

Smoking in history, rotting

Called out by racist Dos Passos

The 42nd Parallel, 1919, Big Money

Hipsters with strong words and little work

I have seen modern slavery

Don’t call it that, call it debt


Now black, yellow, brown, red, white, and blue


Excluding everything including reason

I have seen children beaten with politics

Teacher, you can’t say that

Broken noses of their peers running red


I have seen beautiful girls starving

Plastic boys with silicone eyes

So bright, so dead

I have seen a generation

Misguided enraged

Moloch chanting from both sides

Sticks and torches held high

I have seen the best of us


I will never see them again.


by, Tyler W. Golec






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