The Lost

Open window leading to starry eyed ends Dreams of need but never resting I have seen the best of us Staring out screen less expanse Asking why should I walk away Why should I try again   Generations of youths ruined Following the path following the rules Great expanses of nothingness opening before them Wandering … More The Lost


By Tyler Golec   Dreaming of wildfires Stoking them with this Rage filling every crevice Of my just human self Being of Flesh blood and   I dream of wildfires Burning this Anything Burning this Everything Burning this Self And here I am on empty But still burning on Fumes of dreams past Dreams coming … More Wildfires

And We Howl

Tyler Golec   I’ve seen the brightest among us tossed Mangled, bodies strewn on train tracks Spirits now, riding the rails to Cyberus To raise a glass with Hemingway And adventure with Hunter S. Thompson Far away from this here bat country Where shiny vampires sell novels And Bram Stoker rolls in his grave   … More And We Howl

Wicken Tales Chapter 8: The Prophet of Tarabel

Tyler Golec, They reached Cahrmarch before noon the next day.  Edipen rode at Malick’s left, Meyhill rode at Malick’s right. Malick bore the flag of the Trinity identifying them as friends to the followers of the prophet. The city was not large enough for the thousand or so followers that had migrated here. It was … More Wicken Tales Chapter 8: The Prophet of Tarabel


This is another older poem from late 2009 I think. My Freshman year in College.   Tyler Golec   A Hero will not save you And all things fade Those souls who are gong Are gone   We create legends in our minds One can never be a legend The legend is what undoes us … More Self-Faith