America the Beautiful

Tyler Golec


Flag Window

America the brave

America the so far from perfect

But that’s alright with me

You have scars that run deep

Deep as lashes on slaves backs

Your breasts are not so lush

You have been suckled so long

But you are still trying

Still nourishing


Corruption and sloth are your cancers

And they may claim you

But you are not dying yet

Not dying yet because of those children

Those who still fight

Crying out during dimly lit open mic’s

To dewy eyed poets and poetic wannabes

Crying out on white FB pages

Ignored by most

Pissing off someone, but isn’t that the point?Me Reading


America you are beautiful

From trash laden cities to beer can campuses

To rivers, mountains, and your other clichés

They have sustained us, our wonder

It is American to wonder

To ask, “why?”

To say, “Fuck you!”


Maybe you are dying America

But you were supposed to have been dying

Lying on your death bed

Because you have been cruel, can be cruel!

Misogynistic, homophobic, racist, gluttonous!

But you want change

There is a spirit to you

A diversity that cannot be ignored

You the solution of immigrants from every corner


America, we are strong and full of pride

Because we are not afraid

To yell from roof tops

Because we were born to it

Because our mothers were strong

And our voices are loud!






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