Class Notes

Tyler Golec   He wants a brewery, Time to write and, Time to live   She wants to one day Go to her student’s book signings   I want her to go to My book signing   A couple years later now Looking through notes   I think I had something right then About preppers … More Class Notes

And We Howl

Tyler Golec   I’ve seen the brightest among us tossed Mangled, bodies strewn on train tracks Spirits now, riding the rails to Cyberus To raise a glass with Hemingway And adventure with Hunter S. Thompson Far away from this here bat country Where shiny vampires sell novels And Bram Stoker rolls in his grave   … More And We Howl


Tyler Golec   Smoke clouds Youth with new freedom Children, but trying for something more Living now on their own terms   Unsteady steps are common here Eyes glazed or red They are not lost But not found   Who are they? Who will they become? What will they create? What evils will they commit? … More Eighteen

Dearly To Soon

Tyler Golec Dearly Too Soon To those, Dearly too soon departed Those minds never to be Voices never heard I was almost you.   Too young and stupid And for a moment luck ran out Because luck isn’t real It’s all timing.   Sometimes the timing is wrong Sometimes the chance is we die. Immortality … More Dearly To Soon