Night Markets in Taiwan

IMG_20180825_184430Taiwan is a small Asian nation full of many wonders, but the one that makes it stand out compared to its counter parts are it’s their night markets. Many who have followed my work have at some point seen me post or in some way talk about the night markets of Taiwan. They serve as both a hub of nightlife and tourism, but also a hub for the expression of this nation’s deep culture.

IMG_20180825_185304Long before westerner, Japanese, or Korean tourists stepped onto the shores of Taiwan, night markets were a deep-rooted aspect of Taiwan. Economically, they are a bastion for trade. Local fruit vendors, craftsmen, tea shops, and even Chinese medicine stalls use the night market as an avenue to sell their wares. Food vendors may be the highlight of any tourist’s night market venture, but a local can find whatever they may need for daily life.

IMG_20180824_210906At the heart of each Taiwanese night market, you can find a temple from which the market sprawls. Regardless of the season, weather, or day of the week, these outdoor markets open to their local community. They may have become a harbor for tourism throughout parts of Taiwan, but their historical, local, and cultural significance is not something that has been lost. One of my favorite travelers once referred to Taiwan as a place that runs deep. Look no further than it’s night markets to see this for yourself.

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