Class Notes

Tyler Golec


Class Notes image

He wants a brewery,

Time to write and,

Time to live


She wants to one day

Go to her student’s book signings


I want her to go to

My book signing


A couple years later now

Looking through notes


I think I had something right then

About preppers not being a word

And sleeping in Creative-nonfiction


Adria wrote something about nutmeg

And Amanda was having a bad day

Leana said “this sucks”

And maybe mentioned milkshakes?


Steve missed an email

and was then fucked I guess


I wrote about spring vacation

Wearing skin tight GS suits at -4

And Faeries


Apparently Max was a dick

And laughed at Casey’s glasses


Chloe had forty people for dinner

With zombie Jesus

And it was “fucking retarded!”

“Fucking prudes!”


Lindsay liked pink cushion chairs

And knew every word

They went to every traveling Broadway show they could



Eyes wide shut

I’ll flip a coin three times

Fuck its creepy

And I’m okay with that








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