Don’t Fear the Rain

Tyler Golec


Picture by, Joshua Chon-Pah Hernandez
Picture by, Joshua Chon-Pah Hernandez

I hear thunder on the horizon

Rain is falling

The wind is in my face but I am no autumn leaf

Clinging to a tree lost in cement and grease smoke


The thunder rolls, in deep, deafening, tremors

It calls me arrogant,

Because I will not yield to it

Because I questioned it


The rain threatens me with punishment,

Guilt, trepidation, hesitation, doubt,

But I was already soaked


The wind calls me traitor,

Slut, dreamer, lost

I smiled and strode through it


The storm closed on me,

Demanding my humility


I just spread my arms

Embracing its ignorance, its disdain,

Its melancholy, its pain


I say,

“Forgive me, but I am just walking my path. I am sorry, but you are just a little Rain!”






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