By Tyler Golec


Image by Alain Montes
Image by Alain Montes

Dreaming of wildfires

Stoking them with this

Rage filling every crevice

Of my just human self

Being of Flesh blood and


I dream of wildfires

Burning this


Burning this


Burning this


And here I am on empty

But still burning on

Fumes of dreams past

Dreams coming

Loves coming

Sorrows coming

Adventures coming

My sex cumming


I dream of wildfire

Like this inevitable tide

Like the young wolf that chases the sea

Dreaming of a birds freedom

And a never ending chase


I dream of wildfires

Burning the distance between lovers

And the unspoken silence

Speaking to this silence

The all familiar fear

Trepidation that tomorrow

Will hurt more than today


But I dream of wildfires

Glowing on distant shores

In the places I’ve never been

But will be

Riding on these tides

Making love to anything

And anyone who asks

Because I dream of wildfires






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