By Tyler Golec   Crawl into dreams Mind bleeding   Ever bleeding out Not like the sick from slit wrists Bleeding from clichéd heart wounds Crawling for understanding But only finding sex Pleasure laced raping of the soul I am dying here I am master here These are dark dreams from stoned minds Masterminds of … More Dreamers


By Tyler Golec   Dreaming of wildfires Stoking them with this Rage filling every crevice Of my just human self Being of Flesh blood and   I dream of wildfires Burning this Anything Burning this Everything Burning this Self And here I am on empty But still burning on Fumes of dreams past Dreams coming … More Wildfires

What is Old?

Tyler Golec Old is not an age thing It is a mental thing It is when you’ve given up on The boy or the girl you used to be It’s when you go to bed and wake up And don’t care what happened in between   Old is when you live and only live For … More What is Old?

Lonely Writers

Tyler Golec,   In a place where silver rivers flow In a place where we all want to go   I want to go to a place where stories walk I want to go to a place where music always plays I want to hear Plato and Socrates talk I want to see Cleopatra gorgeous … More Lonely Writers

Song man

This poem I wrote during my Junior year at college. It was influence by my Jazz Poetry class, so thank you Prof. Sklar.   Tyler Golec   This is to you sweet song man Enricher of the mind man Instructor of the soul man To you the music man   You who has been with … More Song man


This is a poem I wrote several years back during my senior year at college. I wrote it for my friends magazine at the time. He wanted a dark theme if I remember right, and this is what I wrote:   Tyler Golec Dreaming Crawl into dreams Mind bleeding Ever bleeding out   Not like … More Dreaming