This is a poem I wrote several years back during my senior year at college. I wrote it for my friends magazine at the time. He wanted a dark theme if I remember right, and this is what I wrote:Through a Fence


Tyler Golec


Crawl into dreams

Mind bleeding

Ever bleeding out


Not like those from slit wrists

Bleeding from clichéd heart wounds

Crawling for understanding


But only finding sex

Pleasure laced raping of the soul


I am dying here

I am master here

These are dark dreams from stoned minds

Masterminds of the surreal

The afterlife of an artist


We are free in dreams

And I in words

For I dream words in dark places

The not shallow depths of a human conscious

Subconsciously producing life, thought


Written word

Written dreaming

Absence of reality

Reality isn’t necessarily the realist


And a mind is left to dream as it will

Seeing more than the shadows on cave walls





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