Of Blood Chapter 2: Coastown

I was twelve. I was walking down the streets on northern Coastown when I saw what I thought was an all too common occurrence. A well-dressed Carplentarian looking man was walking through the market from one drift wood stand to another. I guessed he had five men tailing him. I started to follow. The man … More Of Blood Chapter 2: Coastown

Bad Books

Tyler Golec   Feeling uninspired for any shit Like reading a bad book and shit Bad art bad style bad story No dreams no glory In this horny attempt at something And I’m quite the fan of sex   Bad books are like bad dreams They’re better forgotten But hell, someone else might like it … More Bad Books


By Tyler Golec   Dreaming of wildfires Stoking them with this Rage filling every crevice Of my just human self Being of Flesh blood and   I dream of wildfires Burning this Anything Burning this Everything Burning this Self And here I am on empty But still burning on Fumes of dreams past Dreams coming … More Wildfires

And We Howl

Tyler Golec   I’ve seen the brightest among us tossed Mangled, bodies strewn on train tracks Spirits now, riding the rails to Cyberus To raise a glass with Hemingway And adventure with Hunter S. Thompson Far away from this here bat country Where shiny vampires sell novels And Bram Stoker rolls in his grave   … More And We Howl