Bad Books

Tyler Golec

A Baileys Beverage
A Baileys Beverage


Feeling uninspired for any shit

Like reading a bad book and shit

Bad art bad style bad story

No dreams no glory

In this horny attempt at something

And I’m quite the fan of sex


Bad books are like bad dreams

They’re better forgotten

But hell, someone else might like it

Even if it smells like shit tastes like shit

Sometimes it looks like cake

Hell sometimes it looks like a granola bar

And you’re just fucking starving

Then you find out its shit

Some keep reading or eating

Then finish

Fake a smile and say, “That was good!”


It’s a cliché metaphor I get it

But at least it’s not force fed shit

That we feed cows on conveyor belts

Though I do love cheeseburgers, and steak…


If nothing happens in one hundred and fifty pages

Then I’m suing for eye damage and dead trees

Hell, actually I’m not motivated enough for that

I’m not really even angry

Just bored

Which may be the worst of all






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