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Wednesday =(

A poem by Tyler Golec

Wednesday isn’t a great day

Yesterday was worse, but 

Wednesday is false hope

Do you think you can have a nice morning

Productive and relaxing? yesterday was a bad day

Wednesday is supposed to be a little bit better

I guess I did get some stuff done

Stuck in my office, because

I guess today was the day they were going to do the floors

So, there goes my chance to relax

My warning, that morning,

“at 8:45 someone will come to look at the floors.”

We should reassess the term, “look at”

If this is how it’s going to be used.

Still managing to write, hiding in the office.

I have coffee to thank for that

Wednesday, you were full of such false hope

Hump day, because you are a bit of a bump

And unseen pothole, one last one

Right when you thought you had a clear ride

Wednesday, you’re no good

You are better than Tuesday and Monday,

But because you give false hope,

You are worse!

You are hump day, something to complain about

No fun

Wednesday, you could be so good

But you won’t, you just won’t

lady in T-shirt
Photo by Dushane white on Unsplash






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