Morning Tea

Free Write 2/25/2023: A Saturday

A freewrite by Tyler Golec

I planned for so much to happen today, this specific Saturday in late February. I would write and I would write and I would write. I guess I am semi-succeeding. Just not in the big plans type of way. I was planning on finishing up a sci-fi piece, spending a few hours on my novel, then going back to my sci-fi piece to get it ready to post. The thing is, I’m kind of tired.

I kind of just want to play video games today. I’ve been writing and working all week. My brain isn’t thrilled about rounding out the plot of a short story. It’s less trepidatious about work on edits for my novel. I might actually be kind of excited about that. 

Alright, so maybe today won’t be quite as productive as I imagined it to be. But, not a failure either. Hey, it’s Saturday and I’ll still get some work done. It’s a Saturday in late February. I think it might just be a good day to rest.







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