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  • Free Write 2/25/2023: A Saturday

    Free Write 2/25/2023: A Saturday

    I planned for so much to happen today, this specific Saturday in late February. I would write and I would write and I would write. I guess I am semi-succeeding. Just not in the big plans type of way.

  • Free Write 2/20/2023: Influence 

    Free Write 2/20/2023: Influence 

    In terms of art and entertainment, I think back to first reading Harry Potter with my mom, to reading them as fast as could on my own. I remember watching Lord of the Rings and immediately devouring the books. I read dozens of Animorph novels and most of the Redwall series. 

  • Free Write 2/17/2023: A Place to Wait

    Free Write 2/17/2023: A Place to Wait

    Hiding away in someone else’s home. Not a burden, not a bother, but it’s not your home. Maybe once it was. But, you have always been restless here. It isn’t a bad place. It is nice and it is quiet. But, it is not your home.