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Free Write 2/17/2023: A Place to Wait

A freewrite by Tyler Golec

Hiding away in someone else’s home. Not a burden, not a bother, but it’s not your home. Maybe once it was. But, you have always been restless here. It isn’t a bad place. It is nice and it is quiet. But, it is not your home. 

Restlessness is what always drove you away. As fast as you could, you left again and again. It is not your home. It is a place to start from. You have done great things here. Maybe, don’t run away as fast as you can this time. When you leave, let it be for good.

It is a quiet place. It is peaceful and it is clean. It is your husky’s home. It is your mother’s home. It has been your brother’s home for some time, but it isn’t your home. Though, it isn’t a place to run from. Not too quickly at least. 

Patience is something you learned through haste. And being able to wait, is underrated. You will live better than you have before. You just need to let events unfurl. It may not be your home. But here, you can wait.

Woods of NE
Photo by Tyler Golec






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