Chuang Tea House, Yilan Taiwan

My most recent visit to Yilan for pleasure was a trip to a friend’s Tea House. My friend, Chuang Yu Chia, invited me to her family’s a museum and tea house near Jiaoxi in Yilan county Taiwan (@Chuangstea on IG). The last time we met up had been over a year prior at their old location more towards the center of Jiaoxi. Their current location is nestled in the rice patties just outside. 

The first floor is home to a wonderous collection of wooden carvings created from a wood found in the mountains around Yilan. I remember turning a corner and genuinely believing there was a display of laundry hanging on a laundry line until I realized it really was all carved from wood. Laundry aside, there were many beautiful items to enjoy in the museum.


Upstairs was the tea house. Myself, my friend and her mother who was accompanying me were invited up where we were sat down and treated to three delicious teas. The first was a honey black tea, that was sweet because of the natural flavor of the leaves, with nothing being added. The second was a raw puer tea. This tea was a green tea and my personal favorite. The final tea was a white tea that was served alongside a slice of cheesecake which they also make and serve there. Though the price of having tea at their tea house may vary depending on the tea that is served, travelers can expect to pay just a couple hundred NTD per tea with group deals available.


Yilan is one of my favorite places in Taiwan and so convenient to reach from Taipei. Jiaoxi is also perhaps the city I would recommend more than the others for a visit. It is close to the beach and has a great collection of restaurants and other markets. Chuang’s Tea House should be on the top of your list for a visit.

By Tyler Golec @TylerGolec (IG)

Check out @Chuangstea (IG) to learn more about them!



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