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  • Chuang Tea House, Yilan Taiwan

    Chuang Tea House, Yilan Taiwan

    The first was a honey black tea, that was sweet because of the natural flavor of the leaves, with nothing being added. The second was a raw puer tea. This tea was a green tea and my personal favorite.

  • Travel Guide for Yilan County

    Travel Guide for Yilan County

    Often, those visiting Taiwan, or even those who simply live in Taipei and wish to take trips out of the city, will venture to Yilan County. This is the beautiful coastal region of Taipei famous for its beaches, rice patties, and cong you bing. Having lived in Yilan for two years I would like to…

  • Yilan County #2: Waiao

    Yilan County #2: Waiao

    Tyler Golec Feeling the dark sand The salt heavy sea cleans me A brutal baptism of force Fight, dive, roll, and swim Deeper into the sea spirits home Thrashed by the waves that cover me I know how this battle is fought And the Pacific welcomes me As I find peace amongst natures chaos Humility…

  • Yilan County #1

    Yilan County #1

    Tyler Golec Yilan County #1 Mountains here are painted Impossibly steep on the horizon Green towers Green pillars Unreal till you see them close Painted over with white brush strokes I think of paintings by Sensie’s Wife I’m a child again counting in Japanese Punch, punch, punch… Only it’s Chinese I’m speaking And the mountains…