Taitung – Da Fang Tea House

About a week ago I returned from my trip from Taitung in south eastern Taiwan. It’s a 3 hour train ride from my home in Jiaoxi and 4 hours from Taipei. The reason for this trip was that I was invited to visit Da Feng Tea House. There I was kindly shown around both their place and Taitung.

I did not know the city so I very much appreciated the tour I was given and meals at several restaurants we shared at places I brought. Jerry, the son of the owners of the tea house was my primary guide. He had studied in the UK and spoke English easily.

I was shown their tea fields which were lush and green on foothills before the mountains of central eastern taiwan. I was then showed a shop close to their tea house that used their green tea to make ice cream from. Both were delicious. The delicious as it was more refreshing than simply a dessert. It purely tasted of tea with no sweetness added.

While in their tea house, I sampled their oolong tea as well as a green tea. There were lots of wooden tables and shelves as the husband of the couple owning the tea house is fond of working with wood. 

We would later visit a couple tourist spots. Then the next day I was taken to take photos at Xiaoyeliu before the rain came and ultimately ended my chances to get many photos. It was interesting to see the vast number of tourists in Taitung. Jerry stated that it is never like this. With the rest of the world dealing with pandemic, and Taiwan virtually devoid of cases, Taiwanese can travel but are unable to leave Taiwan. This reality has made little tourist stops all along Taiwan busy hubs as Taiwanese seek to escape the larger cities in the summer months.

I guess I have fallen into that mindset as well, as I can’t leave Taiwan at this moment. It is far from a terrible thing though as there is so much on this beautiful island to explore.

by Tyler W. Golec

Address: No. 10 Wen-Tai Road, Ming Feng, Taitung, Peinan, T’Ai-Wan, Taiwan 95442



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