Free Write 2/6/2023

A Free Write by Tyler Golec

Standing outside this morning, the cool air is warmer than has been. I found myself thinking about dreams. I guess I’m still chasing mine. I guess we never stop. I was thinking of people, what I would be asked if I was ever worthy to be asked, what do you need to chase your dreams?
My first thought wasn’t love for the dream, I have always loved my dream. But I times, I wasn’t chasing. I thought about the others, I know they love their dreams too. But, they aren’t always chasing, and when you let up, the dream gets away.
My first thought was anger. My second thought was pride. I guess there was a third, a burning wrath, built up from all those failures. A determination that says one thing, you are a writer, fuck anyone who thinks you’re a fool. Fuck the content mills, fuck the ESL cram schools, fuck everyone who wants to take and take from you.
Nah, they are just people trying to do whatever they can. But, fuck me for letting them take. If you have a dream, take whatever energy you can find. Fear, anger, hate, fall to the dark side if you need to. It takes energy to chase.

Photo by Stefan on Unsplash





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