Son Goku

Kiss me Goku

A Short Story by Tyler Golec

“You should kiss me,” Andria suggested.

The TV was on. Jason’s little brother had been watching Toonami before he’d left. Dragonball Z raged in the background.

“You think so?” Jason asked smiling as he slid onto the couch where Andria already sat, knees against her chest.  They’d been dating close to a month now, and moments alone were rare.

“Yeah, but you should turn this off first,” Andria said referring to the screaming super Sayans.

“You don’t like Dragonball Z?” I asked sarcastically.

“My brother watches it; it’s stupid they just scream all the time.”

Jason laughed and clicked the TV off with the remote. “My brother’s obsessed, He probably ran out of here so he could get to his friend’s house before he missed any of it.”

“Stop talking about that stupid show,” Andria complained. “Just come over here.”

Jason smiled and slid across the couch.  They kissed. Jason attempted to kiss slowly and romantically but didn’t have much practice at it; Anyways Andria was being a bit more aggressive.

They both heard the front door open and jumped to positions on the couch, an acceptable distance from each other. Jason clicked on the TV.

“Cahmy Hahmy HAAAAA!!!!!” Goku screamed.

“Hello Andria, are you guys really watching this?” Jason’s mom asks as she walks through the living room.”

“Yeah,” They both answered.





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