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  • Don’t Hunt the Hunter

    Don’t Hunt the Hunter

    I drank from the bottle of beer and blood. More alleyways, no more gentlemen. The streets were now only home to the cold.

  • Their Battle for: A Gravitational Shift

    Their Battle for: A Gravitational Shift

    Year: 73 P.C.   The L.U. had pulled back from the front in the moments before they nuked it. Now they were trying to reestablish their positions before the U.N.E could reestablish their assault. That meant Tony had to venture out in his radiation suit with his unit to locate the enemy advance. They did […]

  • Their Battle For: A Bloody Beginning

    Their Battle For: A Bloody Beginning

    It was a beautiful day, he lamented. He felt something like grief fill him – melancholy. There had been and would be thousands and thousands more deaths today; his only desire was to watch the dunes in the fading light.

  • Princesses of Muerning, part 2

    Princesses of Muerning, part 2

    Chapter 4:   Maureen found her teacher in the kitchen preparing Tea. “Good morning,” He greeted her. “Morning,” She said. “Thank you.” She accepted a mug of tea. “I hope I didn’t burn you in the dream.” “No, I cannot be harmed there,” He said with a smile. “However,” He laughed. “Be gentle with me […]

  • Princesses of Muerning, part 1

    Princesses of Muerning, part 1

    Chapter 1 A long time ago, where stories like this often begin, in a castle. Its towers rose from the mountainous slopes like crystal spears; as cold and hard as the ice of the mountain that the castle was carved out of. It was warm inside though, where the two sisters played. One had sun-lit […]

  • Kiss me Goku

    Kiss me Goku

    A Short Story by Tyler Golec “You should kiss me,” Andria suggested. The TV was on. Jason’s little brother had been watching Toonami before he’d left. Dragonball Z raged in the background. “You think so?” Jason asked smiling as he slid onto the couch where Andria already sat, knees against her chest.  They’d been dating […]

  • Wicken Tales Chapter 6: Waves from Ironmore

    Wicken Tales Chapter 6: Waves from Ironmore

    Tyler Golec “There beautiful aren’t they?” Strom wondered if his father and he were looking at the same behemoths of industry that convulsed contrasting black smoke into the pale sky. “Yes dad.” “Alright, I have to go to work.” Strom’s father turned to look at him. His skin was permanently darkened. It looked nothing like […]

  • Tales of the Ancients: Tharah of Alrule

    Tales of the Ancients: Tharah of Alrule

    She watched the strange creature die. Its soul wasn’t meant for this place, but it passed into the Felnether anyways along with the souls of the recently slain Draegon. Tharah felt herself fade her women like figure flickered. She was no longer standing on Alrule’s ramparts. She now found herself with no light except for […]