Tales of the Ancients: Tharah of Alrule

Tales of the Ancients

She watched the strange creature die. Its soul wasn’t meant for this place, but it passed into the Felnether anyways along with the souls of the recently slain Draegon. Tharah felt herself fade her women like figure flickered. She was no longer standing on Alrule’s ramparts. She now found herself with no light except for the emerald heart deep beneath the dead city.

She could still feel his soul near the surface. He battled even now against the foreign essence that held him. She felt it rework him as it pulled his soul deeper. She felt his pain – his screams clawed at her spine. She reached into the Felnether and grabbed him.

The Felnether wanted him but it could not refuse her. It was her who had fed it its first soul. And now offers other shades to it in exchange for its strength – the strength that she had used to raise Alrule.

She now held his soul in her hands – a glow of metallic-silver light. She felt herself fade again. She stood in the courtyard before Alrule’s gates. They were open. Other shades had already started dragging in his burnt corpes. Others had torn the wings from the largest of the Draegon that he had slain. They dropped his blackened body face first onto the cobble stones. Then they dropped the wings on top of him. Tharah drifted over to the pile and knelt beside it.

“Dissiner,” she whispered. She had learned all there was to him while holding his soul, as he had learned all of her. “Rise.” His soul soaked into his corpse. The grey light could be seen beneath the skin. Tendrils of shadow bellowed out from along his spinal cord – weaving around the Draegon wings. His hands clenched into fists. His new wings shifted. Disinner struggled to one knee. Tharah came to him and helped him to his feet.

She looked into his grey eyes. His expression was one of passively suppressed pain. “We are your home now,” She whispered to him. “The Felnether claimed you, grow strong as I have.” She felt herself flicker. She brought Disinner with her. They were in her circle room atop the tower of the Palace. The whole of the basin of Hell could be seen from the Windows.

“You were once a human woman,” Dissiner said. “Heaven doesn’t know of the shades not returning to the Felnether.”

She ignored his comments. “You led my soul through those gates and safely to the pit. I recognized you.”

“I remember.”

Disinner touched her face. She seemed to drift out of sight depending how he looked at her but she was solid to the touch. “Our union will be a power to challenge the Trinity.”

Tharah took Disinner’s hand and led him to the sheets at the center of the room. She lay on her back, suddenly naked, she beckoned Disinner towards her.

Years past and Disinner grew stronger through her. He led the souls through the trials of Hell into the Fellnether. Tharah picked out the most potent shades and invited them into Alrule. Then Tharah would feed on the Felnether and through their unions Disinner drew strength.

In a moment before Hell cooled and froze over Thara stood, staring out on of the open windows of her circle room. Her showy figure was swollen around the waist. Disinner’s seed had taken hold inside of her and now they were about to create something new. She felt the pains start. She felt herself flicker. Now she stood before the Felnether. Its green light reflected almost excitedly off the rock walls.

The pains grew intense. But pain was something of an afterthought to Thara. She spread her legs, held out her hands, and awaited the child.

She held charcoal skinned child before the Felnether. As much as the creature was of Disinner and Thara it was of the Felnether. Its green cat eyes mirrored the light of it. Its fingers and toes were too long and clawed. It was too thin for a human child and to aware. It didn’t scream once.

“Belghra,” Thara said before she baptized the child beneath the surface of the greenish light.



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