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  • To Write About a Sunset

    To Write About a Sunset

    Tyler Golec   “You should write about this,” Josh said looking at the sunset over Taipei. A bright blur sinking into the derelict and aluminum roof tops. “The sunset?” I asked. “I think I will, in some way.” “Yeah man,” Josh said with his camera out. He had put down his beer for a moment…

  • America the Beautiful

    America the Beautiful

    Tyler Golec   America the brave America the so far from perfect But that’s alright with me You have scars that run deep Deep as lashes on slaves backs Your breasts are not so lush You have been suckled so long But you are still trying Still nourishing   Corruption and sloth are your cancers…

  • Social Time Passing

    Social Time Passing

    Tyler Golec Flipping through social pages, passing time Quotes, image, articles, and posted porn That fills today’s news feed The world is ending if you didn’t know China will invade Taiwan And you are probably making these 10! Grievously poor life choices! Also vegans live longer And, do you want a girlfriend with pillows for…