Social Time Passing

Tyler Golec

Intersection Taiwan

Flipping through social pages, passing time

Quotes, image, articles, and posted porn

That fills today’s news feed

The world is ending if you didn’t know

China will invade Taiwan

And you are probably making these 10!

Grievously poor life choices!

Also vegans live longer

And, do you want a girlfriend with pillows for tits?


This age is a strange one

Opinions floating on microwaves

Instantly into the eye balls

Of some college acquaintance

Who seriously doesn’t give a Fuck!


I’m supposed to be part of it

But honestly I find it hard to care-

That your sister got a cat

That you dyed your hair blonde

That you liked this meme

Well honestly this isn’t fair

I don’t know you well enough to care


I’m just waiting at a train station

Listening to this perpetual rain

Inconveniencing, some with boring lives

And some with more meaningful adventures

While here I wait for a girl





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