A women sits and thinks


A poem by Tyler Golec (Obviously influenced by Emily Dickinson)

Are you a temporary?

How fantastic, that makes two

Our time is short, and sometimes that’s scary

But just remember,

It’s short for others too

When the weather gets dark, 

And a little hairy

Just think, it’s the same for all of us, 

For me and for you

So, don’t lose your head,

Don’t hate, love and be merry

It will happen, 

Soon enough we’ll all be dead

And that’s fine, 

Like with yours 

Is the same with mine

Time clicks away

Soon enough it will be time for bead

And at some point,

for you and for me,

For he and for she, 

For they and for we.

The time will click, and you will see

We are all just temporaries

And that’s just a fine thing to be.

Taken with a remote and a little luck, this is my serenity now moment at Lake Tahoe.
Photo by Keegan Houser on Unsplash



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