Portland, United States

What I’ve Wanted

A poem by Tyler Golec

“My friend read your poetry

She said you are someone

Who doesn’t know what they want”

Partially true

But she kind of missed the point

I’ve always known what I wanted

What was I?

Ten years old

Reimagining Redwall

My brother helped,

He added six-foot bipedal tigers, 

I ran with it,

I think we wrote like six pages

I just dug up something like six notebooks

With my first-ever imagined world

It had maps, it had histories, backstories

Photo by Eddie & Carolina Stigson on Unsplash

All hand-written

The story of Arodor,

Against the evil tyrant, Minarondor!

Yeah, just found that again

A relic from 8th to 10th grade me

It was in creative writing class,

With Mr. Ernest Brill 

Love that guy,

The first person to make me think I could

Wrote some good and bad in his class

Started a novel I would self-publish a couple of years later

I don’t really recommend reading it >.<

Then college, and I was 100% sure

I knew what I wanted

I always did

It felt right

I was a writer

So I wrote, a lot

I still have so much work from then

I wrote Of Blood, then

I’m still writing, Of Blood

I needed to write other things first

But your friend was right

About half

I wasn’t sure for a while

Tried quite a few things

I wrote though, I always wrote

I traveled and I wrote

I worked and I wrote

What I wrote wasn’t always good

By I always wrote

You see, I know what I want

I just haven’t been brave enough to chase it

No fully, not 100%

I am not someone, who doesn’t know what I want

I have always known

Huashan Park, Taiwan
Photo by Tyler Golec






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