A Rant Poem, I Guess

A poem by Tyler Golec

Drinking now,

Listening to silence contemplating…

Does this really matter

Reading fancy phrased advice, pretty much saying

Try hard, try harder, keeping trying hard

I got lucky this way

Maybe it will work for you

I don’t really care how it worked for you

Will I read this magazine front to back

Maybe, so I can submit once?


I think I like what I’m doing

I’m not broke, I’ve got food on my table

Check my Instagram

How many magazines should I beg?

How many visions should I write to appeal to.

I don’t have time for that

I am trying, I am trying harder, and I will keep trying hard

I know how to suffer

Do you?

Simple words, more appealing than over educated bull-shit

You got lucky

Maybe I’ll get lucky too

Who the fuck knows

Keep writing your advice articles

I won’t slight you for getting paid

Maybe one day I’ll write one too

Though I liked Anthony Bourdain’s approach

Like how the fuck did I get here

If this fails, I’ll go back to cooking brunch

Taipei main station
Photo by Tommy Tsao on Unsplash


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