Shelburne Falls, MA 01370, USA

Free Write 2/14/2023: Valentine’s Day in Western Massachusetts

A free-write by Tyler Golec

Morning spent sending queries. I like finding agents asking for significant details about my work. Like, five pages seem like too few. Even ten pages feel like too few, but I get it, they need to read a lot. And, if you don’t have your reader in ten pages, what are actually doing? I was happy to send fifty pages this morning though. The agent may never read them. However, it feels more like a serious query request.

Agent search interrupted by a dog walk.  A better interruption than most. Dog walks are good for thinking. A sunny and warm Valentine’s Day, perfect for the dog park. Warm weather in February with other huskies for Miri to play with. 

Back home and back to querying. A quiet Valentine’s Day in Western Massachusetts, aesthetically sunny and warm. Freezing to warm, freezing to warm, all winter long. But, today is not a bad Valentine’s Day at all.

Folded heart strand
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash





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