Taipie XinyiShort Fiction


Of Blood: This is the complete novel that I have been working on for perhaps a decade now. I will publishing chapters weekly on Tuesdays. Its a fantasy novel following the character Demetrius Skagora.

Post Colonies Chronicles: A series of Sci-fi short stories along the same timeline…

Dark Eyes: A story I started writing my Senior year of high school. I often reach for Azriel to use as a character to use in short pieces…

Wicken Tales: The story of a world of chaos and witchcraft on the brink, with ancient forces returning to the world…

Tales of the Ancients: The preceding story of Wicken Tales…

Princesses of Muerning: This story was originated as listening exercise for my ESL students and though is appears targeted towards a younger audience I believe many will enjoy these stories…


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