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  • Independence for the Lunar Union

    Independence for the Lunar Union

    In July of  Earth year Spatio Annus 30, the Lunar Union declared independence from the UNE. Even with the support of the Peacekeepers, there was violence after the voting. The remaining UNE loyalists claimed Ganymede 3 and held for a year.  Jack jumped over the cement barricade under a hail of ammunition raining into the…

  • We Will Have The Stars: The LUE-System

    We Will Have The Stars: The LUE-System

    She couldn’t believe it. As they fought, the project was becoming more and more closely connected to her LUE-System. He wasn’t able to take control of it, but he was for sure, compatible with it. She let him unknowingly sync himself with the LUE-System. Fighting, the project was more than close enough to the golden…