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  • A Path After the Road

    A Path After the Road

    A short story by Tyler Golec Halfway through June, the sun was hot and the boy and girl were sweating hard as they ran up the road. Their faces could have been the same, siblings with long dark hair. The brother, older by a year, led their charge up the mountain road. The promise of…

  • We Will Have The Stars: The LUE-System

    We Will Have The Stars: The LUE-System

    She couldn’t believe it. As they fought, the project was becoming more and more closely connected to her LUE-System. He wasn’t able to take control of it, but he was for sure, compatible with it. She let him unknowingly sync himself with the LUE-System. Fighting, the project was more than close enough to the golden…

  • Tides of Europa

    Tides of Europa

    “You are embedded into the crust of a moon, surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of earth and ocean. After that, it’s seventeen kilometers of ice before you can see the cosmos again,” Raina said softly to herself, only her assistant heard her. More loudly she said, “Dr. Adams, have the drones scan the tissue of…