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  • Temporaries


    Are you a temporary? How fantastic, that makes two Our time is short, and sometimes that’s scary But just remember, It’s short for others too

  • Free Write 2/7/2023: Some One I Used To Know

    Free Write 2/7/2023: Some One I Used To Know

    A girl’s name, I haven’t heard it in a while. Someone in some place in time apparently had a crush on her. If anyone can sympathize with this would be simp, it would probably be me. I remember crushing on her hard as well. Hell, I pretty much simped for her too. I get it, she’s beautiful, a great writer and editor, and nerdy too.

  • What I’ve Wanted

    What I’ve Wanted

    “My friend read your poetry She said you are someone Who doesn’t know what they want”

  • Writing Prompt Response 2/6/2023, Tyler Golec

    Writing Prompt Response 2/6/2023, Tyler Golec

    Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore? I feel too old for rushing, to the next great adventure. I’ve had a few and now the next one, that one needs to be more serious. I’m tired in a way, not physically, but mentally, from returning to the same spot. Progress is made, […]

  • Free Write 2/6/2023

    Free Write 2/6/2023

    My first thought was anger. My second thought was pride. I guess there was a third, a burning wrath, built up from all those failures.

  • Poetry On A Phone

    Poetry On A Phone

    It is my poetry Dark rooms, a glowing phone

  • Don’t Hunt the Hunter

    Don’t Hunt the Hunter

    I drank from the bottle of beer and blood. More alleyways, no more gentlemen. The streets were now only home to the cold.

  • Fear


    You are the enemy, at your own gate

  • Taitung – Da Fang Tea House

    Taitung – Da Fang Tea House

    About a week ago I returned from my trip from Taitung in south eastern Taiwan. It’s a 3 hour train ride from my home in Jiaoxi and 4 hours from Taipei. The reason for this trip was that I was invited to visit Da Feng Tea House. There I was kindly shown around both their place and Taitung.

  • Chuang’s Tea House

    Chuang’s Tea House

    My most recent visit to Yilan for pleasure was a trip to a friend’s Tea House. My friend, Yu Chia Chuang’s family runs a museum and tea house near Jiaoxi in Yilan county Taiwan (@Chuangstea on IG). The last time we met up had been over a year prior at their old location more towards […]