Dark Eyes Chapter 9: The Bear Man

Tyler Golec,


Dark Eyes Map

The moon was pale and full, and hung high over the night.  Azriel’s golden hair was turned to silver. The thick black fur of the beast was draped in black and white shadows of the surrounding trees.  It flexed both of its not human not bear arms as it snarled.  Azriel stepped up onto the large flat rock that made up most of the clearing.  He flashed his pale white moonlit teeth in response.

They were both unarmed. Azriel did not recall wanting a weapon. He could barely recall why he was here. The moonlight had stripped away some since of person. It had returned Azriel again to a primitive and free awareness.  His senses were keen. He could feel how the bear-man would move as the desire crossed the creatures mind.

Azriel felt its aggression. He charged it. He tried to break its ribs but his fist met only thick fur and muscle. The beast brought its left claw across Azriel’s face slamming him into the ground.

Granite Shattered beneath him, reflectively he rolled back. Blood ran down the side of his face.  His left side was sore, but he could already feel the moonlight repairing him.

The beast Struck quickly, but Azriel had time to react.  A quick side step and the man-bear creature’s substantial bulk passed by him. Azriel toke advantage of this and lunged at its throat.  His teeth bit into thick fur and skin penetrating till blood spilled into Azriel’s throat. Soft flesh now gave to his powerful jaw.

Blood lust clouded his senses as massive claws grabbed him, tearing him away. The beast roared, as Azriel was hurdled far across the clearing. He landed with some grace on his feet with only two steps back to maintain balance. Blood took away the rest of Azriel’s mind.  The beast roared again as if it was completely unfazed by its wound. Azriel wanted more.

They were both more patient this time.  Their eyes were locked, emotionless black and red brown.  Azriel, in a sprint, ran at the creature. He halted just beyond the reach of a massive swing. He shot inside the creatures reach, and again he found its throat.  The creature tore him off again, and a strong clawed hand caught the side of Azriel’s shoulder. It shattered his right collar bone, and threw him into a tree at the edge of the clearing.  Instantly azriel was in a crouch, his right arm hanging awkwardly. He jumped back into the clearing.

It was struggling to recover from the injuries it had sustained now. Azriel straightened and began working his right arm. His wounds constantly healing.

The Beast let out one more roar and effort as it charged Azriel on all fours. It was fast. Azriel was faster.  He jumped as the creatures charged nearly reached him. He landed on its back, before he found the throat for a third and final time.  He fed in some vampric haze. The creature lost strength quickly. It was dry and long dead when Azriel was done.

Slowly he stood, relieving a stiffness in his back.  He grabbed its arm and torqued it violently. The bone hardly shuddered, but a second twist with more force let out a loud pop and the shoulder was free. The flesh tore easy. He remembered faintly needing a trophy.

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