Dark eyes Chapter 6: The Wolf

Tyler Golec

Dark Eyes

Azriel ran the whetstone along the blade of his sword.  He looked up to examine the small group that had fled.  What am I doing? I did what he asked, remembering his encounter with his father he forced out an involuntary snarl.  The girl with the copper hair looked up at him shocked.

“What was that?”


“You snarled,”

He didn’t answer.  I could just leave them, they don’t need me.

The girl with the copper hair moved closer.  He looked her over for a half second.  she wore a mud splattered pale brown dress the cloth over his eyes didn’t allow him details of her face.  “What do you want?”

She hesitated for a second taken aback. “Back there you fought two of those things, they were so much stronger than everyone else yet you killed them.”


“Oh, umm…” she looked away for second. “It’s just that you’re… well so different, like that blindfold why do you wear it? You don’t act blind, and you look at things,”

“Do you want to see my eyes?” he smiled crookedly revealing his slightly predatory teeth. He wondered if she remembered him tiring out one of the lycanthropes throat.

“Why not?”

He sneered and began to undo the cloth.  Not all humans reacted with terror when they saw his eyes, she was one of the later. She was curious.  Closing his eyes he removed the cloth.  Opening them he looked into the girl’s eyes.

Her eyes were hassle. They went wide when they saw his.  She shrank back about an inch but no more.  Now that he could truly see he got a better look at her features.  She was no more than sixteen.  Her dress wasn’t truly brown but more of a pale gold that the mud had dirtied.  Her dress had intricate patterns on it, no doubt she’d come from some important family. She was probably too naïve for fear. In her mind no one would dare harm her.  She was on the heavy side. He figured that she’d never wanted for much.

“What’s your name?” she asked her eyes never leaving his.

“Azriel,” He surprised himself by giving her that.

“Mines Juliana, it means youthful.  What does yours mean?”

Why am I talking to her? “It’s a variation of Razriel who is the angel of mystery,”

“That’s a good name,” She smiled sweetly, “do you believe in God, or the Gods,”


“Because, you name is from an angels name, I’m just curious,”

You shouldn’t be so curious, “It doesn’t matter does it?” With that he stood up, leavening her there.  He pulled the cloth over his eyes and approached one of the guards.

“We need to move,” the guard spun to face him.

“Why? We’ve only just got here.”

“Two hours, to long,”

“Not by any means, you yourself dealt with the two that were chasing us,”

“Two, that’s it, more will come. As a pack and with nightfall they will be stronger and braver. They will chase us.”

“What were they?”



“The ones I fought were but they may not all be.” He looked up at the sky, the moon was full and quite high.

“Oh,” The guard spoke. “We’ll move,”

“I’ll scout,”

The guard nodded.

Azriel moved to the edge of the gathering then started running all out forming a wide half circle towards the back of the group.  Relying on his keen senses he didn’t bother to undo the cloth knowing his eyes weren’t really necessary.

He found nothing, returning to the camp he was dismayed at how slow the people were getting ready.  The girl noticed him first, smiling at him.  Azriel hardly acknowledged her as he walked to the center of the camp were the guard he’d spoken to before was barking orders out to get people up and moving.

“Clear, for now,” Azriel said.

The wind shifted.  He tilted his head to get better angel.  It was the wolfish-man smell and was growing more intense coming from the direction of the town. He growled.

“Look at him, he’s more animal than man,” One of the towns people yelled.

“Something’s coming from the north, and fast!” Azriel said to the guard

“How can you tell that?” he asked

Azriel undid the cloth from around his eyes. The guard began stepping away.  Azriel tucked the cloth into his belt before he started to run. He wouldn’t fight blind folded again.  Clear of the camp now he sniffed again. The scent was closer and toward the northeastHe undid his cloak and dropped it to the ground.  Listening he could hear people moving to south, that was good, he could fight whatever this was alone

Almost silently a wolf shot out from behind the trees. Azriel dove to his left tumbling to avoid it.  On his feet a split second later he turned to the wolf.  Its eyes had a reddish tint, an unnatural intelligence radiated from them.  Crouching, he and the wolf began to make a circle.  The Wolf shifted Grey hair shortening slightly as it stood on its hind legs.  Its front legs become more like arms with long finger like claws.  The head remained much the same, widening slightly – the snout shortened barely.  The creature’s chest became human like and well-muscled.  With his left hand Azriel extracted his dagger from his belt, keeping it concealed behind his body.

The Werewolf lounged first.  The strike was quick, almost too quick for Azriel to react. Stepping to his left, he twisted and brought his sword down on the Werewolf’s right arm, digging a sizable gash. The werewolf’s claws ripped through leather and then the flesh of Azriel’s right leg.  He struggled to regain balance as the Werewolf landed on three limbs favoring its right arm.  Seeing his difficulty the wolf attacked again. Azriel reacted quicker this time collapsing to avoid the attack. He shoved his dagger into the Werewolf’s ribs. The attack should have killed it. The Werewolf got his claws into the side of Azriel’s face digging three long strips of flesh off. Quicker on the recovery the Werewolf lounged again, this time catching Ariel off balance his jaw clenching down on Azriel’s left shoulder.

Azriel had lost his sword in the impact but still held his dagger. He buried it in the Werewolf’s stomach. Twisting the knife he shoved it in deeper. Azriel was soaked in the Wolf’s blood.  The Werewolf let out a whimper but its jaw still held.

The scent of his blood and the Wolfs blood mixed made for a potent aroma.  Bloodlust flooded Azriel’s vision. Roaring. He bit into the back of the Werewolves neck crushing its spine. It went limp. Azriel did not let go.  Blood flowed into his mouth and he drank it. He drank it, feasted on it. He left nothing but I dried up corpses that had returned to a human form. Azriel tried to walk away but felt numb and dizzy. He collapsed.

Hands grabbed him from under his shoulders lifting him up.  He wanted to fight back but couldn’t. A warm shoulder was now under his body, his eyes were failing him clouded in red.  But his smell wasn’t, and his ears were still keen.  He could smell her blood, the beat of her heart.  The softness of her hair on his cheek which grew sticky as it collected blood.  She struggled. His weight was too much for her.  She stumbled and fell. Azriel couldn’t help her.  He rolled onto his back.  His breath was haggard. His blood lust was fading and he was becoming painfully aware of the broken bones in his shoulder. He screamed, but then consciousness left him. He gladly let it go.


Azriel woke suddenly, sweaty, and breathing hard.  The moon was still up. There were still several hours till dawn.  He expected pain from his injuries but there was none. He flexed his shoulder. It felt fine.  Looking at his shoulder he saw that there was nothing more than a faint scar beneath his bandages. His thigh was the same, and so was his face.  He ran his hand along scar tissue.  A cloud moved and the moon hit him with full force.  He felt himself shutter. All sanity left him. He remained in human in shape but something primitive and wild ruled Azriel.

He inhaled deeply his senses were keener than ever before.  Turning he saw the source of the human scent.  The girl was lying next to him.  Hungrily he looked over her body. A primitive desire flowed through him as he bent over her.  She stirred slightly, right before his mouth bit into her neck.  He violently pulled off her dress tearing it all the while never separating himself from her.  He ran his hands down her breasts then he the soft thickness of her hips.  Her fingernails attempted to claw into his skin as he raped her.  Her body tensed.  He didn’t stop.  He could taste her blood in his mouth.  He killed her. he fed on her blood.

Several hours later he came to. He was miles away lying on the forest floor knowing exactly what he’d done.

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