Dark Eyes Chapter 3: Discovery

Tyler Golec

Dark Eyes

A high stockade surrounded the town of Ware protecting most of the buildings from view. He passed between the open gates. Walking aimlessly around town he listened to the conversations of the townsmen.  His Grandfather had called her strong willed, saying that she wouldn’t shirk away from much of anything.  He wondered what job she may have taken.  Aimlessly he found a tavern, before entering he grabbed a stick off the ground and started waving it aimlessly in front of him imitating a blind man.  He approached the bar were a young lady was serving the only two other people in the room.  She was medium height with soft features, wide hips and heavy breasts.  Her face was that of a youth, pretty only for that reason.

“Can you help me?” Azriel asked.

“What is it sir?” She looked him over then noticed the cloth around his eyes, but she said nothing.

“Have you ever heard of a woman named Alicia, I think she’d be somewhere around her mid-thirties now,”

“Oh, umm not really, I don’t really recall the name I’ll get Marcus he might have heard of her.” She disappeared around to a door to the back

She returned soon with a tall once dark haired man with Sun kissed skin.

“What can I do for you sir,” He was far less interested in his appearance than the bar maid.

“Do you know a women named, Alicia,”

“Women? Well I knew of an Alicia I guess she’d be a woman now, I last saw her umm… years ago, hmm, she had hair much of your hairs color if I recall very pretty – what of her?”

“She’s my mother,” Azriel said. “We were separated when I was younger.”

The Bar maid was listening in as she clean several tables.

“Hmm… She worked here for only several weeks many years ago last place I knew of her was she was working at Roses.  You might want to stop by there tomorrow. Elizabeth, help with ale and lodging tonight I doubt any place in this town can compete with our deals.” With that he turned and left. Elizabeth smiled sweetly as she turned and filled him a tall glass of ale. “Here, you look worn out,”

“Thanks,” he muttered returning her smile.

The night ensued. Travelers entered bought their liquor and their rooms, disappeared soon after.  He and Elizabeth would talk briefly when she wasn’t serving. He found out that her father was a farmer who lived outside of town. Her life had been filled with the usual anecdotal events of a child in a fairly secure home.  He felt it ok to tell her about the pastor and his wife leaving out many details, even lying about his name. He called himself Laurent.  It was a name he’d received during a short hunting venture with a tracker he’d discovered once in the wild. He had spoken little to the hunter but he insisted on talking, and began calling him Laurent.  He didn’t mind the name so he used it sometimes.

All the visitors to the tavern were ether in their rooms or passed out drunk.  Elizabeth sauntered over to the main door locking it.  Returning to the bar she filled herself an exceptionally tall mug of a particularly strong brew.  He smiled at how she drank it as though it was water her face flushed almost immediately.  She was very nearly drunk soon after

Now seated beside him she felt along his arm massaging his muscles.  She kissed him soon after and whispered in his ear.

Smiling he lifted her into his arms and carried her up the stairs, she pointed out an empty room and not long after they were rolling on the bed – clothes hastily remoced.

He remembered the girl who’d been his first two years.  His first had been a blonde hair brown eyed girl who’d come across him lying nearly naked in a field next to the stream he’d just been swimming in.  He did not know what she’s thought he was, she’d revisit the stream and him several times.

Something about her made her difficult to forget.  He remembered the smooth and firm touch of her neck as he caressed Elizabeth’s soft one.  He recalled her sweet flowery scent as he inhaled Elizabeth Alcohol laced breath.  He remember the tight firmness of her clearly virgin sex and how it had hurt her. Elizabeth’s was tight but she was in no pain.  Hethrust inside her body as he caressed her large white breasts.  Elizabeth’s back arced and for the moment his mind was entirely here.  He enjoyed her till he finally released at the peak of their pleasure.

He finally rolled off Elizabeth as she sighed. Exhaustion hit him.  His eyes closed but memories opened up to him. He had left her in the field as the moon rose high in the sky.  She most have woke feeling betrayed, yet he could have been nothing more to her than a dream. Except for the sourness between her legs she had nothing to remind her of him.  He remembered how he’d returned several months later were he spied the girl waking along a road.  Her beauty was undiminished. She had walked right by him and given him no more than glance. His eyes had been covered and face dirtied. He wasn’t even sure what had driven him to return to see her.  He knew he wouldn’t be able to stay with her. Maybe that’s why his father wasn’t there. Maybe he was like him, but he knew that somehow he would have secretly have cared for her. If she’d needed it. If there had been a child, it would not have grown up alone in the woods.  These emotions still shocked him. He had never felt much attachment to others.

He awoke early. The fading light of the moon competed with the sun through the room’s one window.  Stretching cramped legs He freed himself of Elizabeth without disturbing her.

Silently he gathered his clothes from the floor.  Regretless, he looked over Elizabeth’s naked sleeping body.  Opening the window he bound the black cloth around his eyes and secured his sword belt before he threw himself from the window landing in perfect silence two stories below.


The Roses was brothel and hard to find. He followed the inn keepers directions quickly became aware of scent of sex radiating from a two story building that stood out against the smaller one story buildings that surrounded it.  As he approached many men stepped by him many were older men or younger men though he did notice several were definitely trying to avoid being seen as they left the place. They all gave him a wide berth seeing his covered eyes.

He entered nonchalantly, yet he attracted much attention.  Several young girls who had not been employed the night before relaxed in a sitting area by a large fire place while other girls varying from ages of thirteen to uncomfortably old moved in and out of rooms – to and from bathrooms cleaning themselves. He guessed that there were ten women that worked here.  It was the ones doing nothing that gave him the most attention, confused at his appearance this early in the mourning. They looked back and forth at each other daring one to acknowledge him before finally one did.

She was tall, dark hair, presumably dark brown eyes he couldn’t really be sure through the cloth and the exceptionally poor light.  Draped in a bath robe her body was hard to depict.

“What do you want?” she spoke dryly as if just wanting to get the conversation over with.

“I’m looking for an Alicia,”


“Just bring who ever runs this place here I doubt she still works here,”

“Sure,” She spoke with a low level of enthusiasm. She drifted away from him toward the stairs giving him a crooked glance.

A good minute latter the girl returned trailed by another women garbed in a purple blouse and grey skirt, her build was very statuesque pushing the purple blouse to extremes with her bust.

She approached him looking him over.  “She said you’re looking for Alicia. She left here seventeen years ago. I was only several years older than her then.” Her voice was thicker, though far more thoughtful than the previous girl. “When she left she was pregnant and from the looks of you I’d say it was you in there. Well am I right,”

He smiled at her.  “As far as I am aware you are.”

“I talked to her once sense then by chance she never mentioned a child it was after her wedding party. I assumed she miss carried I guess I was wrong,”

“Where is she now?”

“Before I tell you that, tell me why I should tell you,”

He smiled slightly.

“I have no doubt that, that weapon at your side can kill quite easily, and no I will not give you information through physical threat for I am quite well defended in here. Especially from one who covers his eyes.”

Smiling again he continued, “I was taken from her at birth that is why I search for her.”

“Awe so he was the father, I thought she was crazy to assume it was him, I guess not.”

This grabbed his attention, “You knew my father?”

“I saw your father I guess your eye’s are as black as his,” She smiled looking him over again.  He noticed all eyes in the room were on him now, “I wonder if you’re as good as Alicia said your father was.”

“Where is she now?” Azriel asked.

“She lives in Lakes Edge to the south west,”

Azriel nodded about to turn and leave when a new set of footsteps and another voice rung out, this time male, “This man bothering you?”

“Not really, I believe he was on his way out just now.” Her expression showed a sense of urgency.

“Well get then” He said facing off with Azriel.  They were the same height except the man had far more bulk.

Azriel made sure to walk through the man, nearly knocking him to the ground. Knowing the man would be angry Azriel exited the brothel and took a quick turner into an ally making sure the man saw him.

Slowly the man rounded the corner to the ally way before rushing Azriel.  Turning rapidly he swung his hand striking the man’s throat. Its edge ruptured the arteries and the wind pipe.  Falling to the ground the man clawed at his throat as it and his face turned purple and he coughed blood up uselessly.  Kneeling down in front of the man Azriel undid the cloth around his eyes and stared at the man whose fear of his imminent death was suddenly amplified inside his blood starved mind. Stretching out a finger he collected blood on it from the man’s mouth that had cumulated from his constant hacking and the liquids search for an escape.  He brought it to his mouth and savored the taste.

Laughing he took off back down the alley leaving the man to die.

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