Dark Eyes Chapter 1: Mother and Child

This is a story and a character that I came up with during my senior year of High School. Went through and reworked an old chapter. Check it out…

Dark Eyes

Tyler Golec,

Alicia hobbled awkwardly to the front of the town Hall.  Mud splattering over her calf length boots, and woolen dress, her shawl was useless against the rain. Long blond hair plastered to her face.

She struggled with her dress trying to adjust it around her sullen body.  How long ago?  Just four months since the man with the black eyes, the evidence was all too obvious.  It had been just six months since she’d fled her father…


The once prosperous sailor had fallen, becoming nothing but a drunk ever since her mother had passed away in child birth taking her unborn brother with her.  Her father was left a wreck, she’d tried to comfort him even though she herself was distraught, but in the end Alcohol proved his only escape.  One night her father had tried sailing alone and drunk, crashing his boat into the rocky coast.  He survived, but Alicia at only thirteen had been forced to work and beg so they could eat while her father drowned himself in booze.

Two years of this and she’d had enough.  She ran away, as far as she could from him.  It hadn’t been hard to find work, though she never held any job for long at first.  She was a pretty girl with long blond hair and big green eyes, jobs as a waitress or barmaid always available and they tipped well.  She had even worked at several brothels.  She realized how much money her body could make her.  It was doing just that when she’d seen him.  He’d seemed awkward standing there.  Messy brown hair with a startlingly handsome face, she hardly remembered what his body looked like except that he was tall, and his body was hard.  Her eyes hardly left his.  Those hauntingly black eyes. They weren’t natural. She had never seen eyes like that before.

She’d walked to him. Her night dress was black and royal blue. It was meant to leave the customer imagining little. She was only being fifteen but she was beautiful.  He noticed her.

“Hey,” She said softly.

“Hello,” His voice was strong. His accent was foreign.

“Can I help you?” She asked softly again. They never lost eye contact.

He seemed to hesitate, and then the lost look crossed his face.  But his eyes never left her.  There was something primal to them, animalistic and savage.

She couldn’t remember him pay, things seemed to blur for several seconds in her memory.  She went to lead him to a room, he didn’t make it.  She felt him lift her into his arms.  His lips met hers, her heart went crazy.  Wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist she pulled him closer.

She never heard a door open, then her back hit a bed.  His lips moved up and down her neck as he removed her gown…


Alicia was returned to reality as the door in front of her swung open. The goose bumps running down her spine as she remembered the rest.

“Hello?” an older man with a cane opened the door to the town hall.  He looked her over.  Her stomach, now impossible to hide, was stressing her raggedy dress.  Sopping wet Hair and clothes plastered to her.  She was a pathetic sight. “Please come in,” he spoke before she could answer.

“Thank you,” she spoke quietly.

“Miss, please sit down,” he led her to a padded seat.  He looked her over quickly, then looked her in the eyes.  His face was kind and caring. “Miss, anything you need?”

“Something warm, I’m…”

“I’ll get you some tea, and some food.  What brings you here?”

“I was looking for a place to stay,”

“You may stay here, we have ample rooms.  A, woman,” He hesitated to say women.  She’d just turned sixteen not three weeks ago. “In your state should not have to worry, we can care for you till your able to find work in town, the mayor, I can assure you will have no objections.”

Alicia was caught off guard.  She’d been left to fend for herself in Ware when her pregnancy and lack of skills left her job less.

“Thank you so much,”

The old man was right, The Mayor didn’t mind.  He was a young man, twenty six and as skinny seventeen.  He’d been newly appointed by the town consul and had greatly stimulated the town’s economy by improving the roads which brought in trade and more people from around the Empire.

Alicia hadn’t understood the look of disgruntlement and disdain the usual passive Simon offered the old man, who was named Roland.  Latter conversations revealed, Roland had hoped Simon would fall for Alicia.  He couldn’t just have her leave like all of Roland’s other attempts at match maker.

No such thing transpired, but Alicia and Simon became very close friends.  He’d help to improve her reading and writing. He’d also taught Alicia her new favorite game, chess, in which she beat Simon every night.

It had been almost five months to the day since she’d entered the town hall.  Alicia now lounged on a couch one arm rested on her now expansive stomach; long legs sprawled out, one half bent the other stretched out from under the blankets that covered her.  Her free hand moved a chess piece.

“How long now?” Simon glanced at Alicia’s Stomach.  He’d already resigned to defeat and started to talk.

“Not long, it’s been nine months,” She patted her stomach as Simon took his turn. “I doubt I can get much fatter,”

Simon half smiled, she constantly joked about how big she was, she’d puff out her cheeks, and back when the action wasn’t exhausting she’d exaggerate waddling around.  Now when she did walk she didn’t really have to exaggerate the waddle.

Simon would make fun of her for being the most immature pregnant lady he’d ever seen.  Then she’d remind him of exactly how old she was, but it didn’t happen like that this time.  Alicia clutched her stomach as moisture ran down the insides of her legs.


It took Simon several seconds to grasp what was happening.  Quickly he yelled for Alicia’s nurse.

The Nurse ran into the room. With Simon’s help they quickly escorted Alicia into the prepared room.  Roland joined seconds later and despite his lack of mobility seemed to glide gracefully around the room helping the nurse till the doctor arrived.

Simon watched.  Though he knew time could not possibly move in such volatile intervals, he could not help but to perceive everything around him in such sporadic time frames.  Alicia’s screams – the doctor and the nurse flying around the room. Then in what looked like key intervals – time would slow – and all the while Roland whispered verbal support to Alicia.

The end came.  To swift for Simon to realize at first, but suddenly the nurse held a red covered child, a boy, the nurse had just said.  Slowly Simon regained feeling in his legs, and approached the bed.  Alicia had passed out at the end.  The nurse had cut the umbilical cord, and was now cleaning off the baby.  Simon watched Alicia’s sweat and hair covered face for several seconds. Eyes moving slowly down making sure she was still breathing, a perfect calm seemed to surround her.  Then he looked at the baby.

He was big, easily the biggest new born he’d ever seen.  That might have explained how large Alicia had gotten.  He looked so healthy; as the nurse cleaned him. He already had a full head of what looked like blond hair.  That’s when he opened his eyes.  They were black, completely and utterly black.  Simon had never seen anything like it before.  The doctor saw them as well, in a second he took the child into his arms.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

“I look back at the only memory I have of my mother.  Why I remember it I don’t know.  My memory is perfect. A curse more than a blessing really.  I will always hate the man whose hands grabbed me, as I will always love the sleeping face of the blond girl who I have never meet, but I know is my mother.  The other man who tried to stop the one who was taking me – maybe he’s my father – I never saw him, but something tells me he’s not. Just someone who tried to help.”

“Who are you?” an old man’s voice trembled. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Now, that would be why I’m here, you know more than I,” a tan face detached its self from the darkness draped in a mop of golden blond hair faintly reflecting the pale moon light.  Fear vibrated through the drunk’s body as he beheld his eyes.  The whites of them seemed almost to be totally consumed in the darkness in their core.  “Grandpa,” his laugh sent chills through to the drunk’s core.

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