Tales of the Ancients: Belragh’s Breach

Tyler GolecTales of the Ancients

Her eyes couldn’t be moved from the falling earth in front of her. Her Draegon had almost dug their way into the Mor. This wasn’t a small shade tunnel. The deep underground caves that Shades had used to breach into the Mor. No this was a pathway nearly as large as the Gates of Mount Dansu.

Her long lanky charcoal grey body began to take on a green aura that grew more intense the more excited she became. Her shadowy robe began to ripple angrily against her body.

The Arae would be caught off guard. She had set up a large portion of her Army behind the Gates of Mount Dansu. So the majority of Heaven’s forces were deployed at the Gates.

There was a great crack! And marble buildings came crashing into the pit. Belragh flapped open her lean leathery wings and shot into the bright midday sky of the Mor. It was eerily peaceful for a moment as she hung their high above Aesylum. Then she screamed, and let her corruption poor into the Mor – blackening the sky. Her Army of Draegon’s and Shade’s poured out of the hole into the Arae’s ancient home in the Mor.

Arae come at her from below. She called her long bladed spear Weeper, and joyfully began her slaughter. The city fell in just over an hour. Arae attempted to flee, ascending back to Heaven, but they were hunted down by both Draegon and Belrgha. She would quickly clip their wings, raining Arae back down to the Mor for the Shades to finish. She climbed as close to Heaven as she dared then howled at the Arae who had managed to escape her.

Descending to the Mor she was greeted by Shades pounding their weapons on the ground, chanting, “Belragh.”

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